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Kim Ward

Kim WardKim Ward was a  welder for his dad and uncle during his high school days and moved throughout the Dura Craft Company working both in fabrication and sales as well as research and development. After college at University of Arkansas at Monticello, Kim served in the Army during the Berlin Crisis.

During fallen market values for Aluminum runabout boats, Kim Ward worked both with the US Coast Guard and the US military to build and design boats for the armed services and patrol for the Coast Guard.

After purchasing the Dura Craft company from his Dad and Uncle
He soon devolved  Fish tanks for the Agriculture industries for Game and Fish industries to haul commercial grade Catfish, live minnow and game fish for live transportation.

 Kim Ward helped bring in over fifty national outdoor writers for the Marine Aluminum Association on the Arkansas River just after it had been converted into a navigable water way and was instrumental in helping to establish the aluminum boat exposure for boat manufacture’s in not only Arkansas, but for the Aluminum Boats Manufacture’s across the nation.  Kim Ward along with the help of Ray Scott and several others devolved  aluminum bass boats for the tournament angler with new innovations such as the aerated live-well which helped to bring forth a brand new market in the aluminum industries.

The National Marine Association decided to disallow the us of stick steering in boats, Kim ward was solely responsible for the reversal of that decision by having worked with the National Marine Association plus the Marine Motor Manu factor’s to prove once and for all that stick steering was as safe to operative as any tiller handle motor with comparable Horse power.

Kim Ward along with other members of the Ward family started War Eagle Boat Company in 1992 and have become one of the aluminum boat industries top selling boat lines in America. Being a great innovator of the aluminum, the Wards have been at the forefront of the Camouflage development for Aluminum Boats in the nation.

War Eagle boats are innovative designs by the Ward family with such new concepts as the front low deck and the wing design transom as well as the top cap rail with accessory design benefiting water fowler’s and fishermen.

 In 2001, the Ward family moved into a brand new 300.000 square foot facility enabling them to become an aluminum boat industry giant producing duck boats, duck blinds, bass boats, and pontoon craft. Kim Ward along with sons and Ducks Unlimited  have helped to raise over 100,000 dollars at an event held at the new War Eagle Plant to expand the  Seven Devils Wildlife Management Area. This new expenditure from 600 to 2000 acres for waterfowl hunting of the management area is being dedicated  in honor of Mr. Kim Ward.