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Pat Peacock

Pat PeacockWon the JR world Duck Calling championship at the early age of twelve

Won woman’s world championship five times 1951, 52, 53, 54, and 55
Won the Arkansas State Duck calling Championship in 1955 and won her first world Duck Calling championship in 1955
Also was crowned Queen Mallard of the Wings over the Prairie festival in 1955.  The first woman to ever hold that title.
Won her second world championship in 1956 and went on to win the Champion of Champions in 1960. The first and only lady to ever when either a world duck calling championship or the Champion of Champions world duck calling title.

 Along her mother, Sophie, and sisters Brenda and Dixie, these ladies compiled over 20 world tiles in duck calling. Stepfather, Mr. Chick Major and Brother in law Eddie Holt added 4 more world duck calling titles  to the family heritage as well as Eddie winning a Champion of Champions title in 19

 Pat was the first woman to sit on the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and the Game and Fish Foundation board. Set on the World Duck Calling Championship Board of Directors and held the position of Chairman. One thing above all about Pat Peacock family is that you could not set around the supper table without knowing how to use a duck call.