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Tommy Akin

Tommy AkinTommy Akin was born and raised and in the rural town of Greenfield, Tennessee.  From his humble beginnings to killing his first duck at age six, Tommy Akin hunted and fished throughout his school years and was active in contact sports in high school.  With his focus on building a strong foundation for his future, he completed a formal education with the University of Tennessee in Martin, Tennessee and in Knoxville, as well.

After fours years in the Army and a term of duty in Viet Nam, Tommy  returned to us as a Captain.

The Northwest Tennessee Tourist Promotion Council hired Tommy to promote tourism in the nine counties that made up his district. He was a frontiersman in this field due to the initial beginning of the tourism promoting industry in Tennessee.  The job started Tommy out working with outdoor writers and television  personalities.  Tommy soon realized the importance of print and the impact it has on promoting hunting and fishing.

In 1983, a new fishing product company was starting up and Tommy became the promoter of  Fish Formula.
He met many prominent outdoor world personalities in his course of working with tourism and Fish Formula, making TV shows and fishing with people such as, Bill Dance, Billy Westmoreland, Rayo Breckenridge, Hank Parker and many other great fishing show host. Ray Scott, Larry Nixon, Rick Clunn and George Cochran were just a few of the great bass icons Tommy  has associated with.  Harold Knight and David Hale are two of Tommy‚Äôs most cherished friends.

Governor Ned Ray McWherter selected Tommy Akin to serve as a commissioner on the Tennessee Wildlife Resources  Agency and years later was elected chairman. Tommy has helped many small outdoors businesses become nationally known companies.