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Preston Pittman
Preston Pittman, now 54, began entering turkey-calling competitions at age 16. His very first competition was for the Mississippi Championship, which he won. Since that point, he’s won five World Championships: the Open World Championship, the World Natural Voice, and the World Gobbling Championship. He has also been a part of a World Two-Man Team. He has held the Grand National Gobbling Championship and been part of the Grand National Two-Man Team. Preston is a seven-time National Champion in Yellville, Arkansas, and a nine-time National Champion of Champions. He has won approximately 150 state, regional and national turkey-calling contests. As of January 13, 2001, Preston has been the reigning Grand National Champion of Champions – a contest only open to the former World or former Grand National Champion. The Grand National is put on by the National Wild Turkey Federation and will be held this year in Columbus, Ohio. Only six to 12 people will qualify to participate in this turkey-calling contest.
Preston has made multiple appearances on national TV, including Jay Leno, David Letterman and Regis and Kathy Lee. He has also been featured on numerous hunting show and videos.
Preston is part of the Pro Staff of Longleaf Camo.