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Larry Shockey

Larry Shockey is one of the most celebrated turkey callers on the planet. There is no one who has won more World Turkey Calling Championships than Larry and his team pal Don Shipp. He has been featured in many magazines and television shows. As a child Shockey would sit for hours listening to the sounds of the turkeys in the barnyard. His keen ear learned each and every sound a turkey makes, when they make them and why. He then took to the woods and applied what he learned and has not looked back since. Larry no longer competes in turkey calling competition but often he sits in a judge's chair and you cannot fool him. He has been a turkey hunting guide for about 20 years but for the last several years Larry has dedicated himself to traveling the country participating in youth deer and turkey hunts, doing seminars and often at his own expense. He has a heart filled with love and compassion for our kids and he does his very best to help make their dreams come true. Somewhere Larry Shockey's desire to make great things happen for other people became stronger than his desire to excel for himself and he has worked tirelessly in his quest to help others.

Larry was recently appointed to the position of National Director for Kids Hunting For A Cure. This organization made a wise choice because Larry Shockey is widely known in the outdoor industry and very respected. Some of Larry Shockley's accomplishments in turkey calling are: 3x GRAND NATIONAL TWO MAN TEAM CHAMPION 1995,96,2003 1st RUNNER-UP GRAND NATIONAL TWO MAN TEAM 1999 2nd RUNNER UP GRAND NATIONAL TWO MAN TEAM 2001 1st RUNNER UP GRAND NATIONAL TWO MAN TEAM 2003 8x WORLD CALLING CHAMPIONSHIPS TWO MAN TEAM 1995,97 thru 2003, 7 of which was in a row. 2003 ARK.STATE FRICTION CHAMPION and numerous other championships.

This native Missourian who now lives in Big Sandy, Tennessee also designed one of the best selling diaphragm calls for Hooks Custom Calls, The Shockwave.