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Bill Huntley

William F. Huntley was born January 25, 1933 in Lawrence County Tennessee. He grew up fishing with his father in small streams and later on large bodies of water, mostly Pickwick Lake on the Tennessee River. He developed a great love and respect for the smallmouth bass. Bassmaster Magazine touted him as one of the top 3 anglers in the world at catching big smallmouth bass, including several weighing over 9 pounds.

In the early 60's he started a lure company. Bumble Bee Bait Company. The company had a great deal of success. Mr. Huntley contributes the company's success to hard work and the support of his wife, Patsy Huntley.

In the early 70's, TH Marine was started and incorporated around 1975. One of the first and most remembered products is the Hot Foot foot throttle. Presently, the latest and greatest product is the Atlas Hydraulic Jack Plate. Sandwiched between the Hot Foot and the Atlas, TH Marine has produced 2500 other products. Mr. Huntley takes great pride in his work in aeration systems. His products have helped to increase the amount of live fish weighed in at most tournaments. These systems are used in practically all fishing boats, both fresh and salt water. Presently, TH Marine sells more individual parts to boat builders than any other company. Most of these parts were conceived, designed, and produced in the Huntsville, Alabama facility.

Mr. Huntley knows hundreds of fishermen across the country, many of them he counts as his closest friends. He has had the opportunity to work with most of the pioneers in the boat building and lure manufacturing industry. When asked, he will tell you that his major accomplishment in life is his wife of over fifty years, his two children, and his five grandchildren.