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Mike Morgan

Mike MorganMike Morgan began hunting at the early age of 7 and it's become a lifelong passion. Spending every spare moment of time in the woods, Mike never realized his hobby would one day turn into his work. In the late 80s, Mike and his partner began videoing their hunts and soon became one of the largest producers of hunting videos in the US. As the market for hunting videos grew, a new market was quickly gaining strength. Outdoor television was beginning to gain in popularity and Mike and his partners were on the cutting edge and eager to make a name for themselves. About the time The Outdoor Channel hit the airwaves, Mike was in full production of a new show called Hunting Across America. He not only co-hosted the show but did quite a bit of the filming and all of the editing and post production. It was a learning experience to say the least. A couple of years into the venture Mike met up with Terry Denmon who was owner of Mojo Outdoors. The two hit it off and it wasn't long before Terry became a partner in the company and main sponsor of the show.

Now the name Hunting Across America was a little misleading because Mike hunted all over the world, from Sweden to New Zealand and Africa to Argentina. On Hunting Across America he wanted to show the audience how much fun he had on a weekly basis and how it was possible for the average guy to follow his dream and do the same.

Mike is now head of Media Relations for Mojo Outdoors and helps co-host their popular show "MOJO TV" that airs weekly on The Sportsman Channel. Other duties include keeping up with social media, television sponsorship, advertising and promoting Mojo any way possible.

When people think Mojo, they think of new and innovative products that help make you a better hunter. Mojo has now entered the turkey hunting side of the industry with signature series products from world champion turkey caller Preston Pittman along with a crew of turkey hunters from Iowa that call themselves The Turkey Reapers. So whether it's the Shake & Jake decoy that Preston helped design or The Scoot & Shoot from the Turkey Reapers, Mojo is always on the cutting edge of technology. Mike and Preston will be putting these new products to the test in the upcoming months and hopefully pull out a win in the years Turkey Fest.

One thing for sure, if you stay on the road hunting as much as the Mojo crew does, you're sure to run into Mike in a hunting camp somewhere, so give him a shout and you'll probably end up on the next episode of "MOJO TV".