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by TomCat Tommy Garner

SPRINGVILLE, TN  A new crappie fishing magazine has hit the market with their first issue.  Crappie Angler magazine is a division of Grizzly Jig Company, a lure company based in Caruthersville, Missouri according to Wade Mansfield, Executive Publisher.  The new Crappie Angler magazine features the Legends of the Outdoors National Hall of Fame founder and Executive Director Garry Mason on the premier issue.  "Garry Mason has been a crappie angler and guide for years along with being a promoter of the sport.  I have grown up with Garry Mason and we are here to promote the sport of crappie fishing," says Mansfield.  "We receive so much crappie fishing information that we decided to share the wealth of information through this angler based magazine. 

Though we have sponsors, this is not a sponsor driven magazine.  Crappie Angler magazine is a grass roots subscription magazine designed to help the crappie angler know and learn more about crappie fishing. We direct our readers to the crappie pros in their specific area rather than to the outdoor writers.  There are several bass angling magazines on the market, but only one other crappie angling magazine that I am aware of.  Crappie tournaments have come on the fishing scene and today there are crappie pros that fish the circuit much like the bass fishermen did in the early years of bass tournaments.  The top end crappie tournaments are much better than low-end bass tournaments.  Crappie anglers can win from $5,000, $10,000 to $30,000 fishing crappie tournaments," Mansfield continues.  "Bass fishermen and tournament anglers get all of the glitz and press, but I am a firm believer that the pan fishermen are the solid base of the fishing world 
     "Though I have been featured in many magazines and on magazine covers, I am thrilled to be featured on the front cover of the premier issue of Crappie Angler magazine," nationally known outdoorsman and guide Garry Mason says.  "I have known Wade Mansfield for years and have been honored to represent him and Grizzly Jig Company.  To me, crappie fishing is a great sport and I have had the opportunity to promote crappie fishing for more than 30 years," says Mason.  "I know that to a lot of fishermen across the country, crappie is King when it comes to fishing.  I have watched crappie angling evolve for many years and have seen a shift in fishermen's interest from bass fishing to crappie fishing.  There are so many ways to fish for crappie that there are many things to learn.  One of the big things is that fishermen in the know catch crappie year 'round, not just in the spring spawn.  They are a wonderful game fish and of course, you cannot beat smokin' hot crappie filets and hush puppies when they are put on the table," says Mason, who is a guide on two of the nation's premier crappie lakes, Kentucky Lake and Reelfoot Lake.  The awesome front cover photo of Garry Mason was take by outdoor writer and photographer Tim Huffman
    So, here is a magazine dedicated to crappie anglers from a company who has been dedicated to crappie anglers for almost twenty years joining forces with one of the most visible crappie guides and dedicated sportsmen in the nation.  Crappie Angler magazine and Garry Mason.

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